Friday, June 29, 2012

Aquolina Pink Sugar Eau De Toillette Review

Aquolina Pink Sugar Eau De Toillette

I picked this out for my Beauty Army box because I wanted to see if I liked it and it is safe to say I am on the fence still. My initial impression was it was like cotton candy, not something for me. Since you never know how a fragrance will react to your body chemistry I tried it on, and it still smelled like cotton candy. The scent did fade a little and I was able to pick up some other notes but it definitely comes out as a sugary scent. My husband wasn't really digging it but it is starting to grow on me, I wear it whenever I need a quick pick me up or when I just want to smell something sweet.

Final opinion is that it is a great sample but I would rather have this in a lotion (which they do make) verses a fragrance, I will continue to use it until it is gone but I won't buy a full size bottle.

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