Julep Nail Polish List

So far I have been able to chart these all of these colors.

Julep Polish Name Description Finish Own/ Owned
Alfre Royal metropolitan purple metallic Metallic Yes
Alica Sunny salmon crème crème
Alma Trina Turk Fall '12 dijon mustard yellow crème. crème Yes
Alyson Almond crème. Crème Yes
Amanda (renamed Hayden) Neon peach crème. Crème
Amber Golden bronze suede Suede Yes
Amelia Light champagne frost Frost Yes
America The Beautiful Sterling silver stars with shiny red and royal blue glitter Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Amy Smoky turquoise crème Crème Yes
Angelica barely there mint Rock Candy Nail Glaze
Anne Ultra-saturated violet crème. Crème Yes
Annette Light dove grey crème. Crème
Annie Trina Turk Fall '12 electric blue topaz crème. Crème Yes x2
Ashley Sunset orange with a metallic micro-shimmer Micro-Shimmer
Audrey Soft light pink micro-shimmer. Micro-Shimmer Yes
Ava Ballet slipper pink frost Sheer
Barbara Full-coverage magenta multi-dimensional glitter Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Bethany Electric neon orange pink crème Neon Crème Yes
Bette Electric neon purple crème Neon Crème
Blair Coppery pink mauve frost Frost
Blake Butter yellow crème Crème Yes
Boris and Nicole Autumn red-brown frost. Frost Yes
Brandt Trina Turk Fall '12 opaque off-black crème. Crème Yes
Brigitte Bright white crème. Perfect for French manicures and pedicures. Crème
Brit graphite silver suede Suede Yes
Brooke Sheer purple micro-glitter. Micro-glitter
Brooklyn ruby red with sparkles (?) ?
Cameron Energetic, summer pink Crème
Carly Full-coverage Malibu-blue multi-dimensional glitter Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Carol barely there coral Rock Candy Nail Glaze
Caroline Darkest burgundy shimmer. Shimmer Yes
Carrie Classic, cotton candy pink crème. Crème Yes
Catherine The original classic, go-to red crème. Crème
Charlotte Smokey violet crème. Crème Yes
Chelsea Violet, silver and purple multi-dimensional full coverage glitter. Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Chloe Charcoal base with a holiday sparkle in a vibrant magenta (?) ?
Christina Deep orange shimmer. Shimmer
Cindy Emerald green with gold micro-glitter metallic Metallic Yes x2
Claire Bright sky blue crème. Crème
Claudette Smoky brick red crème Crème Yes
Colbie Full-coverage keylime green multi-dimensional glitter Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Courteney Key-lime green crème. Crème
Daisy Bright lemon yellow crème. Crème yes
Dakota Rose gold metallic chrome. Chrome Yes
Daphne Smoky seafoam green crème. Crème
Delaunay Trina Turk Fall '12 chili pepper red crème. Crème Yes
Demi Deep dark red crème. Crème Yes
Dendrie Dove grey crème. Crème Yes
Diane Dark forest green crème. Crème
Donna Smokey peacock blue crème Crème Yes
Drew Fabulous fuchsia crème. Crème
Eileen Trina Turk Fall '12 antique bright white crème Crème Yes
Elizabeth Midnight blue-purple shimmer. Shimmer Yes
Ellen Deep berry crème. Crème
Ellie Opalescent seashell pink with holographic shimmer. Shimmer Yes
Eloise Smokey indigo blue crème. Crème
Emilie Emerald green crème. Crème
Emma Seashell golden pink shimmer. Shimmer
Emmanuelle Sheer warm pale pink crème. Sheer
Eva Raspberry crème. Crème
Evangeline (Mystery Holo) ? Holograph Yes
Felicity Yellow gold metallic chrome. Chrome Yes
Fina Sky blue metallic with a mod chrome finish. Chrome
Fiona Electric lime neon green crème Neon Crème Yes
Freida Fuschia micro-shimmer. Micro-shimmer
Gayle Deep aubergine crème. Crème
Georgia Peachy micro-shimmer. Micro-shimmer
Ginger Sand holographic Holograph Yes
Glenda Radiant silver metallic crackle. Crackle Yes
Glenn Bold, berry red shimmer. Shimmer
Gloria Coral orange crème. Crème Yes
Grace Classic 'go-to' light pink sheer Sheer
Gunta Trina Turk Fall '12 elevated royal blue crème. Crème Yes
Gwen Glamorous, deep red shimmer. Shimmer
Gweneth Sheerest pink clear. Sheer Yes
Hailee khaki green suede. Suede Yes
Harper Full-coverage opalescent mermaid blue multi-dimensional glitter Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Hayden Neon peach crème. Crème
Heather Platinum greige metallic. Metallic
Helen Smoky pastel lavender crème Crème Yes
Helena ultra-saturated fuchsia ?
Hermione Bright white crème crackle. Crackle Yes
Hilary Full-coverage copper multi-dimensional glitter Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Hoch Trina Turk Fall '12 mod emerald green crème. Crème Yes
Holly Opaque, super-pale pink frost. Frost
Ingrid Burnt orange crème Crème Yes
Isla Soft milky-white metallic. Metallic
Ivy Dynamic sapphire micro-glitter metallic Metallic Yes
Jamie Ultra-saturated dark blue turquoise
Jane Full-coverage rose gold multi-dimensional glitter Full Coverage Glitter Yes
January Tomato red crème. Crème
Jennifer Sheer soft pink crème Sheer Yes
Jessica Soft baby blue crème. Crème
Joan Raspberry plum with rose gold shimmer Shimmer Yes
Jodie Rosey mauve with gold shimmer. Shimmer Yes
Jordan Full-coverage gunmetal muti-dimensional glitter Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Julia Purple orchid with golden micro-glitter metallic Metallic Yes
Julianne Smoky grey blue crème Crème Yes
Juliette Soft white crème. Crème Yes
Kate Pearly white frost Frost Yes
Kathleen Honey gold flecked champagne shimmer Shimmer Yes
Keira Deep merlot red crème. Crème
Kelly Elegant blush crème. Crème Yes
Kim Dark, gunmetal grey metallic. Metallic
Kylie + Magnet Sultry violet magnetic polish. Use the included magnet to create accent stripes. Magnetic Yes
Laura Olive khaki crème Crème Yes
Lauren Hot tropical pink crème. Crème Yes x2
Leah Vivid and refreshing grass green with a hint of shimmer. Shimmer Yes
Leanne Buff beige crème Crème
Leighton Pure liquid silver metallic chrome Chrome
Leslie Black and silver specked shimmer. Shimmer
Lily Hot sizzling fuschia crème. Crème
Lindsay Deep, Dark Burgundy ?
Lisa Warm pebble grey crème. crème
Liz pale green Smoky Pastels
Louise Chocolate taupe crème Crème
Lucky Cheers to the Irish culture with this festive kelly green and gold coin multi-dimensional, full coverage glitter. May the luck of the Irish thrive with you at your fingertips! Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Lucy Modern, dark burgundy crème. Crème Yes
Lynn Nude, blush pearl. Pearl Yes
Madison Electric neon hot pink crème Neon Crème Yes
Maggie Frosty amethyst. Frost
Malin soft, shimmery pink ?
Mandy Fresh, bright, deep coral-pink crème. Crème
Maria Shimmering platinum rose. Frost Yes
Marie barely there lavender Rock Candy Nail Glaze Yes
Marion Smoky blue with silver shimmer Shimmer Yes
Marisa Dark, rich cobalt blue shimmer. Shimmer
Maya Peachy pink seashell, like a shimmering pearl. Frost Yes
Megan A playful and sultry Mediterranean aquamarine shimmer. Shimmer Yes
Melanie Pastel indigo metallic chrome Chrome Yes
Melissa Sheer opalescent shimmer. Shimmer Yes
Meryl The perfect neutral, sophisticated grey crème. Crème
Michelle Midnight, inky blue. Crème Yes
Mila Charcoal, multi-colored glitter. Full Coverage Glitter
Mimi pearly pink Smoky Pastels
Mindy Porcelain pink sheer Sheer Yes
Minka Oxblood red suede Suede Yes
Miranda muted seafoam green(?) ?
Mischa Cherry scarlet micro-shimmer. Micro-Shimmer Yes
Molly Classic red crème Crème Yes
Morgan Frosty grape purple shimmer Frost Yes
Mystery Color #1 ? ? Yes
Mystery Color #2 ? ? Yes
Mystery Color #3 ? ? Yes
Mystery Color #4 ? ? Yes
Mystery Color #5 ? ? Yes
Mystery Glitter (Mystery Color #6? or Erica) ? Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Natalie Chic, retro honeysuckle pink crème Crème
Natasha Intense orange crème. Crème
Neicy Bright pink crème. Crème Yes
Nessa Bright lemon sorbet shimmer. Shimmer
Nicole Coppery red shimmer Shimmer Yes
Nikki Electric highlighter neon yellow crème Neon Crème
Nina Electric orangesicle neon crème Neon Crème Yes
Nora silvery aubergine suede Suede Yes
O Canada Cardinal red accents in sheer glitter. Sheer Yes
Olivia Rich and graceful, dark chocolate truffle crème. Crème
Oscar Ultra chic, multi-dimensional gold glitter. Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Otte Trina Turk Fall '12 rich camel neutral crème. Crème Yes
Paige Smokey lavender crème Crème
Parker Golden tangerine crème. Crème
Patti Full-coverage black multi-dimensional glitter Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Penelope Opaque crème, almost white with a hint of blush. Crème
Petra Cranberry magenta with silver shimmer Shimmer Yes
Piper Mint-teal metallic chrome. Chrome Yes
Pippa An updated neutral camel crème, sure to upstage! Crème Yes
Popova Trina Turk Fall '12 emerald green crème. Crème Yes
Portia Sheer tropical blue with opalescent glitter. Glitter Top Coat Yes
Rachel Warm, rich copper shimmer. Shimmer
Rebecca light periwinkle Smoky Pastels
Rebel Silver holographic Holograph Yes
Reese Bright, bubblegum pink crème. Crème
Renee Spring lilac crème. Crème
Robin Robin's egg blue crème. Crème
Rose A juicy watermelon red crème. Crème Yes
Sabrina Zesty orange shimmer crackle. Crackle Yes
Sally Antique ivory crème Crème Yes
Salma Bold, fire-engine red crème. Crème
Samantha hot neon pink with a crème finish Crème
Sandra Pink magenta frost. Frost
Sarah Sheer pink coral with iridescent glitter Yes
Sasha Cantaloupe melon crème. Crème
Scarlett Vibrant red micro-glitter metallic metallic Yes
Selena Delicate, creamy moss green crème. Crème
Shania Pearly, silver-champagne frost Frost
Sharon Dark, bold red shimmer. Shimmer Yes
Sheryl Sheer butterscotch shimmer with a hint of golden bronze. Shimmer
Sienna Sophisticated, shimmery gold. Shimmer Yes
Sofia Sheer spring green with a flash of aqua iridescent glitter. When held under a light source, will glow in the dark. Glitter Top Coat Yes
Sophie Trina Turk Fall '12 chic truffle mushroom crème. Crème Yes
Stefani Gold flecked grey metallic Metallic
Stella Mustard yellow crème. Crème
Susan Cheery rose pink crème. Crème
Susie Delicious mint green crème. Crème Yes
Taylor deep, sky blue crème. Somewhere between periwinkle and denim funky, but not too flashy. Crème
Teresa Opaque pink pearl frost Frost
Teri Tropical coral pink creme Creme
Toni Grey crème with a hint of purple. Crème
Trina Deep aubergine shimmer. Shimmer Yes
Ursula Blackest black crème crackle Crackle Yes
Vanessa Opalecent glitter in a clear base. Glitter Top Coat Yes
Vera Luxurious, sable brown creme. Creme
Viola Deepest dark purple crème. Crème
Vivian "Champagne bubbles," a full coverage multi-dimensional gold glitter Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Wendy barely there watermelon Rock Candy Nail Glaze
Whitney Mushroom grey-beige crème. Crème
Yumi Pink, silver and holographic glitter. Full Coverage Glitter Yes
Zoe A zesty, smoky burnt umber metallic. Metallic

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