Saturday, April 21, 2012

April BirchBox

So I signed up for BirchBox last month since I decided that I need to buy something for myself every once in a little while. My first box came this month and I was soo excited to go through it and discovered a few interesting surprises.

After reading a few other blogs about beauty sample boxes I figured it would be good to figure out if I am getting my $10 worth of samples.

So first off I received:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three Things I Hate About Apartment Living

1. No yard or hose.

We went to the beach earlier this month and decided to camp on the beach well not having a yard made it so we couldn't set up the new tent to make sure everything was included. We got to the beach and started to set up the tent and noticed that the elastic in one of the poles was broken in not one but two places. If we had a yard we would have known this before we were at the beach and could have returned it.

Not having a yard or a hose makes it hard to clean up after a weekend at the beach. We are like little kids at the beach and we bring home sand covered beach toys as well as all of our camping gear. Trying to clean all this stuff on our tiny patio is hard because I have to bring buckets of water outside just to rinse everything off and then I don't even have the room to let everything dry... don't even get me started on cleaning the tent. That is something we will have to tackle inside the apartment.

2. Neighbors too close

We currently live on the first floor in a corner apartment which means we only have to share our walkway with the upstairs neighbors. This proves to be problematic instead of nice, especially when your upstairs neighbor has 3 children and they are friends with every child in the apartment complex. On many occasions we have had to tell the kids to move while carrying in grocery or trying to take the dog out. Not to mention the fact that they always leave trash, food, candy wrappers everywhere. Just yesterday they threw a metal hanger into our patio area striking the sliding glass door, when confronted just minutes later they claim they heard nothing (there was a loud crashing sound that scared both me and my husband) and they saw nothing...right.

3. Can't paint or remodel

I understand that some people won't find this a problem but I do. I would love to redo the cabinets because they are basically particle wood covered with contact paper and they are falling apart. I hate white/beige walls, I would love to paint the living room a nice meadow green, the bedroom a warm shade of brown, the kitchen would be red and white, bathrooms shades of blue, and the guest bedroom/office/craft room would have to be three different shades of purple. We would also love to have ceiling fans in the bedrooms as well as lights our current apartment doesn't have any overhead lights in the bedrooms.