Monday, December 31, 2012

Shea Terra Organics

Ever since I received my Shea Terra scrub from Beauty Army I have been wanting to try out some of the other raved about products from their company. I ended up ordered 5 mini shea whipped body butters and I also got three samples of other products to try.

I ordered Bourbon Vanilla, Gingered Pumpkin, White Chocolate, Marula, and Rooibos & Berries. All of them smell sooo great that I will have a hard time settling on which one to buy the full size jar of.

I also got samples of the Argan Green Coffee Eye Serum, Marula Oil Anti-Oxidant Super Oil, and African Black Soap (bar soap). I have yet to try the eye serum and the Marula oil but I am very glad to try out the black soap since it is supposed to be great for clearing up breakouts. I just used this in the shower today and I was surprised that it had a grainy texture, I actually liked it because I didn't have to use a body scrub just the soap. I will continue to use the black soap and see if it makes a difference in my skin and if it does I plan on buying a couple of bars in the near future.

To learn more about Shea Terra Organics and all of their amazing products feel free to check out their website

Saturday, December 29, 2012

November Birchbox #2

Since this November box took so long to get to me my husband told me I had to wait until Christmas to have it so here it is.

October Julep Maven

Since finances were tight during October I couldn't get the whole collection of polishes. I did have to have this box shipped to my mom as well so it took a while to get it. Overall I am happy with the box so what colors did I pick up?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Jouer Sparkle and Pop

Jouer Sparkle and Pop
For $12 I caved and purchased one of Jouer Sparkle and Pop favors that included 1 fashion ring, 1 of 3 deluxe Jouer Samples (lip gloss, lip enhancer, or body butter), Champagne bubbles, beauty fortune, and noise maker. Mine included the lip enhancer which I really wanted, but the ring that came with it isn't adjustable so I can't wear it because it is way too small (about a size six.) I would have liked to get a couple more because more than likely I would open and save the confetti, bubbles and noise makers just for New Years Eve and keep the samples and rings for myself. But the value of the Lip Enhancer is only $2.69 and with ring being useless to me I didn't feel like I got my $12 worth so I am glad I didn't buy more.

October Birchbox #1 & #2

October Birchbox
 So I know this is a really late post but in October I was in the middle of a move and was unable to get my October Birchboxes delievered to me so I had them shipped to my mother's house. I received two of the exact same box even though this was the first time it has happened.

Well it took until Christmas time to finally get them so here is what I got:

Sunday, December 23, 2012

November Beauty Army #2

So I do have to note that I did have 6 products in my box this month but my Whip Hand eyeshadow opened up and got dumped over everything. After cleaning the products in my box it was the only sample that was damaged. This month I opted in for a mystery sample but I wasn't too thrilled at what was sent. Overall the this box wasn't as great as I thought I it might have been when I first ordered it.

So what was all sent and my reaction to the products read below the break for more!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Julep Demi Swatches & Holiday NOTD

 I am not a red nail person for the most part but after getting Demi I knew this was the perfect red for me. I have to use my mom's description because it fits perfectly, she called it Candy Apple Red. Now forgive me for all the pictures, I got a new camera and I am still trying to find the perfect settings for swatches. I included all of my photos because it shows the complete range of shades that this color can take on. I found this formula to dry very quickly and apply wonderfully. If and when I use up this color I will buy it again.

Demi + Flash
Demi + Flash
Demi Without Flash
Demi Without Flash
Demi Without Flash

Now on to my Holiday Nail! It may not be perfect but it looks great and is simple to do. I used Julep Demi as the base and tokidoki Savanna for the glitter gradient.

With Flash
With Flash
Without Flash
Without Flash
With Flash
With Flash

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Update

The last couple of weeks have been really hectic so my posts have been few and far between. I have been taking tons of photos and I recently just got around to unpacking all my polishes. I will be promising to make a lot more posts as soon as the craziness has settled down.

Monday, December 3, 2012

October Beauty Army #2

October Box #2
For the most part I have started getting underwhelmed by the fact that it is taking almost a six weeks for me to receive my boxes over here in Germany, but I am glad that I can still get them because shopping for cosmetics/beauty products/etc. on post is very limited. Now what did I pick out in this box this time around?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Mask

Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Mask

I finally tried out this mask sample I got through Beauty Army. I was glad to find out it is a peel off mask because they are my favorite. So how well did it work?