Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy busy bee!!!

So I'm back in Oregon packing up my things that were in my parents house. So far I have managed to discover 3 giant bags of yarn, 1 box of crochet thread, and many large balls of recycled yarn. I estimate well over a couple hundred different types of yarn >.< Me thinks my husband it going to kill me when he sees it all coming in the house. I know I won't be buying anymore anytime soon. All most all my art supplies are packed, only things left are the stuff that is floating around the house. I just hope that we have enough room in our apartment 1 bedroom apartment for all of my things.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So the military has delayed my trip back home once again.

I was hoping to day to see hubby's bonus in the bank account and it wasn't. This has caused me to delay my trip by another two weeks. The main reason for me to be traveling back home is because we need to move all of our stuff to Texas. I also really want my vehicle so that I can just drive to the store whenever we need stuff. We also wanted to buy our own washer and dryer for the apartment instead of using the communal laundry room. This last weekend we officially declared it to be the laundry room from hell. First off we walk down the the laundry room carrying 2 standard issue laundry bags from the army. Then we walk in to find the only folding table to be broken, the floor flooded, and mosquitoes are swarming the room. Not to mention it is all coin operated and it costs us $6.25 a week, and we can't even wash/dry blankets or rugs in them.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Everything Is Bigger In Texas, Yes It Is True

Good ole Texas has given me a lot of time to enjoy it's finer aspects. As in the insects.... and I'm talking about the cockroaches the size of a grown mans finger, mosquitoes that are big enough to be considered the state bird of Texas, and crickets... yes crickets. I swear since we moved here we have a "little freak" or commonly known as the cockroach, liked to visit us every night in the kitchen. The first day the little freak visited us, I freaked, I had never seen a bug that big in my life. The apartment manager had a pest control guy come out that barely spoke English and sprayed our apartment for about a minute then left. It seemed to last about 2 days before they came back. After last night while attempting to eat on the couch one ran across my husband's lap. He has declared it his mission to personally kill the vile bug that ruined his eating time. Tomorrow we go to the store to buy bug bombs, sprays, and other stuff to kill them.

Now the mosquitoes that are here suck, back home I only had to worry about one or two bites on a warm summer night. Here they are everywhere, when hubby comes home and changes out of his uniform his legs will be covered in large red bites. This happens at pt in the morning before work. The bites end up larger than quarters some days.

Now the crickets, they seem to commit what looks like mass suicide in front of every building. It kind of make me feel sorry for them. Last week we went to little strip mall and when we pulled up you saw a bunch of dark stuff around the front of the building. Upon closer inspection to can see hundreds, no thousands of dead, or semi-dead crickets. It is extremely disgusting.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

School... Who Thought One Would Miss It?

Yes, I do miss attending school. I have been out of college for 3 months now and so I started looking into going back. Just for the fact that I was 1 or 2 credits away from receiving my associates degree. Since I moved to a different state I knew that the tuition would be a bit higher but I didn't realize exactly how much. Back in my hometown I was able to attend the community college full-time (12+ credits) for an average of $1000. So, first thing I did was look up the cost of tuition on the local community college's website. Here I found out that for a flat rate of $1,284 I could take up to 6 credit hours, and for every credit after that another fee was applied.

This had me furious to say the least. The sole reason that it was so expensive is because I am not considered a resident of Texas. The requirement for being a resident is that you had to live in the state for 12 months or longer (insert deep sigh.) This looks like a problem I will be encountering every time my husband gets stationed in a new state. I don't think that colleges should really charge you outrageous amounts of money when you DO live in the state, and can prove it.

Just for a comparison residents get charged a flat rate of $321. I have to think really that charging 3 times more then a resident isn't very fair here. I mean I can prove I have been living here, so what if it has only been 3 months? I'm not leaving anytime soon, oh wait but then again I'm heading back home soon. But that is another post.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome To My Average Life

Hello to everyone out there, I would like to welcome you to what looks like the blog about my life from here on out. I would love to introduce myself to you, my name is Michelle and I'm an army wife. I am starting this blog so that I have something to do while I am at home. I'm not so sure what these post might include but as I have titled it, I assume it will be average. My interests happen to include almost everything from crocheting to scrap booking, video games to cooking, and reading to painting. I even enjoy practicing the Tracy style of Kenpo karate when I can.
So, I guess that doesn't make me that average. I really don't care if people actually read this blog. This is just my pet project for now, I tend to have many ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) moments. This causes me to have an intense focus on one project for a while and then switch very abruptly. So I think for now if this doesn't spark people to want to know me then I'll just keep blogging without them.