Friday, December 30, 2011

Upcoming Year

So many of us tend to make resolutions and they get broken within a few weeks. Well my resolutions just happen to be ones that will be focusing on saving us money and eating a bit healthier. They will hopefully keep our lives in a healthy balance.

Step One: Every weekend compile the whole weeks worth of meals and ingredients, prep everything on Sunday and freeze them. Doing this will make our weeknight meals go a lot faster.

Step Two: Buy whole chickens, and use the carcasses to make homemade stock. Store bought stock is fairly expensive and I use a lot of broth and stock in place of water for many recipes.

Step Three: Making my own seasonings, We use a lot of taco seasoning, ranch, and onion soup mix. By making on our own we can make a bulk amount and we won't have to worry about buying those little packets that can cost a fortune.

Step Four: Make some of our breads from scratch. Flour tortillas, rolls, crescent rolls and some loaf breads.

Step Five: Purge most of the stuff we haven't been using.

Step Six: Organizing the craft room. Re-purposing shoe boxes and storage baskets.

Step Seven: Use as many of my crafting supplies without buying more.

Step Eight: Use some of my already purchased clothing patterns and fabric to make shirts