Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome To My Average Life

Hello to everyone out there, I would like to welcome you to what looks like the blog about my life from here on out. I would love to introduce myself to you, my name is Michelle and I'm an army wife. I am starting this blog so that I have something to do while I am at home. I'm not so sure what these post might include but as I have titled it, I assume it will be average. My interests happen to include almost everything from crocheting to scrap booking, video games to cooking, and reading to painting. I even enjoy practicing the Tracy style of Kenpo karate when I can.
So, I guess that doesn't make me that average. I really don't care if people actually read this blog. This is just my pet project for now, I tend to have many ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) moments. This causes me to have an intense focus on one project for a while and then switch very abruptly. So I think for now if this doesn't spark people to want to know me then I'll just keep blogging without them.

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