Thursday, July 1, 2010

School... Who Thought One Would Miss It?

Yes, I do miss attending school. I have been out of college for 3 months now and so I started looking into going back. Just for the fact that I was 1 or 2 credits away from receiving my associates degree. Since I moved to a different state I knew that the tuition would be a bit higher but I didn't realize exactly how much. Back in my hometown I was able to attend the community college full-time (12+ credits) for an average of $1000. So, first thing I did was look up the cost of tuition on the local community college's website. Here I found out that for a flat rate of $1,284 I could take up to 6 credit hours, and for every credit after that another fee was applied.

This had me furious to say the least. The sole reason that it was so expensive is because I am not considered a resident of Texas. The requirement for being a resident is that you had to live in the state for 12 months or longer (insert deep sigh.) This looks like a problem I will be encountering every time my husband gets stationed in a new state. I don't think that colleges should really charge you outrageous amounts of money when you DO live in the state, and can prove it.

Just for a comparison residents get charged a flat rate of $321. I have to think really that charging 3 times more then a resident isn't very fair here. I mean I can prove I have been living here, so what if it has only been 3 months? I'm not leaving anytime soon, oh wait but then again I'm heading back home soon. But that is another post.

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