Sunday, July 4, 2010

Everything Is Bigger In Texas, Yes It Is True

Good ole Texas has given me a lot of time to enjoy it's finer aspects. As in the insects.... and I'm talking about the cockroaches the size of a grown mans finger, mosquitoes that are big enough to be considered the state bird of Texas, and crickets... yes crickets. I swear since we moved here we have a "little freak" or commonly known as the cockroach, liked to visit us every night in the kitchen. The first day the little freak visited us, I freaked, I had never seen a bug that big in my life. The apartment manager had a pest control guy come out that barely spoke English and sprayed our apartment for about a minute then left. It seemed to last about 2 days before they came back. After last night while attempting to eat on the couch one ran across my husband's lap. He has declared it his mission to personally kill the vile bug that ruined his eating time. Tomorrow we go to the store to buy bug bombs, sprays, and other stuff to kill them.

Now the mosquitoes that are here suck, back home I only had to worry about one or two bites on a warm summer night. Here they are everywhere, when hubby comes home and changes out of his uniform his legs will be covered in large red bites. This happens at pt in the morning before work. The bites end up larger than quarters some days.

Now the crickets, they seem to commit what looks like mass suicide in front of every building. It kind of make me feel sorry for them. Last week we went to little strip mall and when we pulled up you saw a bunch of dark stuff around the front of the building. Upon closer inspection to can see hundreds, no thousands of dead, or semi-dead crickets. It is extremely disgusting.

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