Thursday, July 15, 2010

So the military has delayed my trip back home once again.

I was hoping to day to see hubby's bonus in the bank account and it wasn't. This has caused me to delay my trip by another two weeks. The main reason for me to be traveling back home is because we need to move all of our stuff to Texas. I also really want my vehicle so that I can just drive to the store whenever we need stuff. We also wanted to buy our own washer and dryer for the apartment instead of using the communal laundry room. This last weekend we officially declared it to be the laundry room from hell. First off we walk down the the laundry room carrying 2 standard issue laundry bags from the army. Then we walk in to find the only folding table to be broken, the floor flooded, and mosquitoes are swarming the room. Not to mention it is all coin operated and it costs us $6.25 a week, and we can't even wash/dry blankets or rugs in them.

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