Friday, December 28, 2012

October Birchbox #1 & #2

October Birchbox
 So I know this is a really late post but in October I was in the middle of a move and was unable to get my October Birchboxes delievered to me so I had them shipped to my mother's house. I received two of the exact same box even though this was the first time it has happened.

Well it took until Christmas time to finally get them so here is what I got:

LiQWd SiLK Professional Deep Conditioning Treatment
Sample Size: 7 ml.
Full Size: 120 ml.
Full Size Value: $24.00
Sample Value: $1.40

LiQWd The Perfect Wave
Sample Size: 7 ml.
Full Size: 150 ml.
Full Size Value: $22.00
Sample Value: $1.02

theBalm cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer
Sample Size: 1 g
Full Size: 8.5 g.
Full Size Value: $24.00
Sample Value: $2.82

Mighty Leaf Tea- Tea Pouches
Sample Size: 3 pouches
Full Size: 15 pouches
Full Size Value: $9.95
Sample Value: $1.99

Mox Lip Balm
Sample Size: 0.1 oz
Full Size: 0.2 oz
Full Size Value: $16.00
Sample Value: $8.00

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt
Sample Size: Approximately 1.77 ml (0.06 oz.)
Full Size: 100 ml
Full Size Value: $98.00
Sample Value: $1.73

Since I got duplicate boxes the total value of these boxes is $35.92. Overall I don't mind at first that I got two of these boxes because I got two Harvey Prince fragrances, 2 lip balms, and two Mary Lou-manizers. All of those products are ones that I really wanted but now that I have my hands on these products I am not as happy with them at all. The fragrance didn't thrill me as much as Hello, the lip balm doesn't smell or taste great, the deep conditioner didn't really work as well as I would like, and the perfect wave styling cream won't really work on my straight hair. I am still happy with the Mary Lou-manizer because I can use it as an eyeshadow and the teas sound good. I did change up my profiles so I haven't received duplicate boxes since but I just hope I can keep getting amazing boxes every month from Birchbox.

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