Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Mask

Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Mask

I finally tried out this mask sample I got through Beauty Army. I was glad to find out it is a peel off mask because they are my favorite. So how well did it work?

Now before I even started mixing the mask I decided that I would only use half the powder because it looked like more than enough for two masks.

After tapping out about half of the powder you add an equal amount of water and then the capsule that was included in the kit (once again I only used about half the capsule). Then working quickly I blended it until smooth with the included spatula.

I used the spatula to help apply the mask and what I found was that the mask needs to be applied quickly because it will start to set up in a couple of minutes making application harder.

After letting the mask sit for roughly 15 minutes it is time to remove the mask. One thing I did notice is that the thinner areas will actually turn white and once they do they don't peel off and act more like a clay mask.

Another thing I noticed when peeling off the mask is that it took on every little impression (pores, lines, etc.) of my face. It seems to be very familiar to alginate that I used in my college art classes to make molds of hands and faces, alginate is often used in making dental molds.

Now after realizing that I decided to look up the ingredients and I was actually surpised at the number one ingredient:

Diatomaceous earth, which is commonly used in pool filters, as a natural pesticide and requires a face mask when working with it.

This is a little scary because this ingredient is in the powder form of the mask and could be very dangerous if inhaled while mixing the product.

The second ingredient is Algin also known as Alginate. So this explained why it seemed so familiar to me

The powdered portion of the mask also includes Mica (which makes the mask kind of shimmery) as well as other unnecessary colorants (Red 36, and Yellow 6.)

The capsule has a bunch of really good extracts in it (Nori and Bladderwrack) which are both seaweed extracts.

Overall I noticed my skin felt softer and my pores were smaller but the next morning my skin went back to looking and feeling the way it did before I tried the mask. So I will finish the last of this sample but I plan on being very cautious when mixing the rest so I don't inhale any of the powder.

Final verdict: I will not be buying this in the future and if I want to feel like I am making a mold of my face I'll just buy alginate and add extracts to it instead of paying $75 for 4 masks.

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