Sunday, June 10, 2012

Everyday Minerals Review

Everyday Mineral Sampler

After checking out a couple of mineral make up companies I decided to order some samples from Everyday Minerals. You get to pick any seven samples to try for a penny and all you have to do is pay for shipping. Here is the list of samples that I ordered from Everyday Minerals:

Blush- Snuggle
Matte Base- Multi-Tasking Neutral
Matte Base- Light Neutral (didn't match my skin tone)
Matte Base- Fairly Light Neutral (I use this as my actual foundation)
Semi Matte Base- Light Neutral (didn't match my skin tone)
It Base- Multi-Tasking Neutral (I use this as a concealer)
Bronzer- Soft Bronzer

At first I was not happy with the sample packets but I found some little jars I already had so that made things a lot easier to work with.

Here is the price breakdown for the foundations:
Sample Size: 0.14g.
Full Size: 4.8g.
Full Size Value: $12.99
Sample Value: $0.37
5 samples = $1.85 value

Blush and Bronzer
Sample Size: 0.14g.
Full Size: 4.8g.
Full Size Value: $9.99
Sample Value: $0.29
2 Samples = $0.58

The value of the samples isn't very high but so far I have manage to
 get 3 full applications out of them and I still have a ton left. The total cost for these samples were $2.71 which is basically just the shipping cost. Do the samples pay for the shipping, no. But they are completely worth it.

foundation vs no makeup
Full face with just the foundation

I am loving that a after using my concealer brush I just have to apply a light layer of foundation to even out my skin tone. After applying my foundation, my skin looks so much better. It manages to hide my uneven skintone, redness that I usually on my cheeks, most of my large pores (also on my cheeks), acne scars, and blemishes. The only thing it doesn't hide is scar from were I used to have a Monroe piercing on my lip, but I figured that it is okay. This makeup isn't going to miracles and make my a crater like scar disappear.

My own personal preference for my face makes it really hard to apply a foundation with out adding a touch of color. That is where the soft bronzer comes in handy it helped me look like I had a healthier glow than just being pale. The blush color snuggle is great because it gives a subtle pink blush without it too bright and it looks more natural on me. A note on the blush, a very tiny amount goes a long ways. 
After foundation, bronzer, blush and the rest of my make up application
My final opinion is based on my comparison to my bareMinerals makeup, and I do have to say that I may have to ditch my bareMinerals for Everyday Minerals. I will do a bareMinerals review later on to see how they really do compare. But for now I am loving my Everyday Mineral makeup samples and I will be very sad when I use them up. I am currently just trying to find which makeup works for me both effectively and cost wise. So far Everyday Minerals is in the lead but who knows?

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