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Julep Maven December 2012

Box # 3 what is in it?
In December I opted to get the whole Holiday Wardrobe upgrade as well and the Glitter and Glow polish set but what I go in the mail was a complete surprise since instead of the two boxes I was expecting I got three. So what was in the third box read below the break to find out.

 A Golden Box! If you are new to Julep the Golden box is an extra perk that Julep sends out to 100 of its lucky (random) subscribers that opted in for that months box. December's Golden box included The 12 polish collection curated by Oprah herself (Favorite Things 2012 Nail Color Jewelry Box) in a white lacquer jewelry box as well as a cute Lavender Wishbone Bracelet.

Lavender Wishbone Bracelet

The bracelet retails for $19.99 I loved the bracelet but I found it was too small for my wrist so I gave it away as a Christmas present.

Oprah's Favorite Things

Out of the 12 polish collection I only had 4 duplicates so I was able to pull out the new ones and give them away as Christmas presents as well. I am happy to get the jewelry box/polish box because it was on my wishlist since they released it. The Whole collection retails for $168 but when I calculated the value it actually comes to $216 ($168 for 12 polishes, $48 for the box.)

Now I'll move on to what I came in my Maven box:

11 Polishes

My husband seems to be finding out the hard way that I love glitter polish because there was no way I was passing up this months upgrade. To upgrade a box it is only $30.00 more (monthly boxes are normally $19.99) so I got all of this for $49.99.

DIY Cabochon Adjustable Ring

One of the extras in this month's box was a DIY Cabochon Ring that you can use your polish to paint the back of the clear disk and insert into the ring to make a custom ring just for yourself. I have already done mine but I plan on that being another post in itself. This ring retails for $14.

5 Nail Polish Remover Pads (10 pads in each packet)

The polish remover pads were another extra in this month's box and I am glad to see these because I am a huge fan of the polish remover. These will be easy to keep in my purse for emergency polish clean ups or for when I travel so I don't have to bottle of remover with me. 10 of these packets normally retail for $9.99, so the value of what I received is roughly $5.

Instant Foot Warming Scrub

Now this product I knew was coming in this month's box and I was very happy to see it since I don't have anymore foot scrubs left or the ones I do smell really bad. The scent is cucumber mint, I haven't tried it but I am kind of scared since the reason it is warming is because it contains chili pepper oil. I am a fan of the Glycolic Hand Scrub so I am hoping this product is similar. This retails normally for  for $22.

Lately Julep has been allowing its members to add up to 3 extra products or polishes at discounted prices and this month they offered up a 5 polish set called Glitter and Glow for only $19.99. I was able to use 2000 Jules (reward points) to order this set for free even though normal retail value is $70.

Glitter and Glow Winter Collection 2012

Here is a picture of everything I got for only $49.99. The retail value of everything I got is
$500.99! This was definitely a great Christmas present to myself and from Julep.

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Keep reading on to see all the polishes

Glitter and Glow Collection Colors:





December Maven Colors:












Oprah's Favorite Things Colors:













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  1. this is incredibly amazing for 49.99! Congrats on your golden box!!!!