Saturday, January 5, 2013

Awesome Zoya Sale

I finally caved and placed only my second order with Zoya after seeing this sale. I ended up ordering 9 polishes, 6 of which make up the Gem and Jewels collection I have been drooling over for about a year. I was disappointed that the one color that I really wanted wasn't available. The only issue I had with ordering was that I had to have my order shipped to my mom because there wasn't an option to for AE (Armed Forces Europe) in the state portion of the form. I have found this to be an increasing issue with companies I would love to order from but now I don't. 

Since I just can't wait to get these (I estimate I'll wait 6 months before my mom ships them to me) I might as well show some stock photos of the polishes. 

I ordered two top coats from the Fleck Effect Holographic Nail Polish Glaze Collection (Spring 2012), I wanted to get Chloe as well but it wasn't available anymore. 

Zoya Nail Polish | Maisie  (Fleck Effect Top Coat)

 From the Glamsicle collection (Originally released in 2005)

LA Pop
Nail Polish-LA Pop Lg

Zoya Gems & Jewels Holiday Nail Polish Collection (Holiday 2011)
Now with these I ordered all 6 because I figured I might as well get two Dream Boxes to go with them, and who knows when they might discontinue some of the colors.

Dream Boxes (I ordered 2) 
Empty Zoya Dream Box


The total damage done $48. 

Since my order came to over $30 I was able to get free shipping plus a free 2 oz. bottle of Zoya's nail polish remover. Overall I don't think I needed these at all but I couldn't pass up a great deal. Since my favorite polishes tend to be by Julep I may only place an order once a year with Zoya, only if they come out with another great deal and a great polish collection.

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