Friday, January 25, 2013

Julep Cindy NOTD

I seem to have been in a little of a blogging slump and so I decided to look at all of my swatch photos and NOTD photos and I finally got them edited and ready to upload. Then I realized that this will take a while because I had another 8 blog posts to write. So this post is just the beginning of my backlog.

Now I give you Cindy from Julep, this is one of my favorite colors and I wore it easily for at least a week before I had to change it up.

Cindy is a wonderful green with gold micro-glitter.

Julep's description of the color as emerald green with gold micro-glitter metallic, I wouldn't say that it emerald green but more of a spring/grassy green.

When I needed to change it up I removed my chipped polish and repainted my nails but this time I added Julep's Matte Top Coat and really loved the way it changed the look.

I think I love this polish even more because the matte top coat gave it gave this polish even a wider range.

This was the first time I used the matte top coat and I was very impressed at how quickly it dried.

Now have I given you enough photos??? If you made it this far in this post have fun with the next 7 because most of the posts are photo heavy.

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