Friday, October 12, 2012

Color Club Insta-This and Status Update

In both of my September Birchboxes I  received two mini Color Club nail polishes on in Intsa-This and Status Update. These little mini polishes by Color Club are really starting to grow on me, this brings my count up to 5 now, all of them I got through Birchbox. I actually didn't want either of these  polishes since they are both similar to Gunta and Brandt from Julep. I currently don't have any of my Julep polishes with me so I will have to wait to see how they actually compare. I didn't have any issues with streaking from either polish and they both covered in one coat. I apologize for the messy state of my nails because I forgot to pack my little bushes I use to touch up my nails. Hopefully I can find one soon, but living out of a hotel in a new country makes it hard to find certain products.
Status Update
Simple scotch tape nail art with Intsa-This and Status Update

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