Monday, October 8, 2012

...and I'm Back!!!

Well we have made it in one piece to our new home in Germany. I am now working on catching up on blog posts and going through some old ones to help my narrow down my posts to just beauty/subscription related posts. So don't worry if some of my posts disappear, I plan on bring some of them back on another blog. I already separated out my "Army Wife Life" to another blog so I think it is time to write up another blog for my crafting and cooking. But until I do I all my posts will be on this blog, I plan on titling it something along the lines of Zorabell's Average Life: Creativity Edition, for now that will be the working title.

Now that I have announced that I am back to blogging, I am happy to announce that I am pleasantly using/enjoying my samples. I managed to pack 90% of my samples and make up in my luggage, but I only took a few nail polishes with me. I won't have most of my collection for a couple of months but when I do get them again I plan on posting at least a different color every week. For now bear with me while I catch up on posting and most of my October subscription boxes will be late because I have to have them shipped to Germany from Oregon. The only ones that may make it in a timely fashion will be Beauty Army since I was able to get them to ship it directly to me.

I'm off to write up more blog posts!

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