Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BzzAgent Unreal Candy Review

As a BzzAgent I had the oppurtunity to try out a new brand of candy called Unreal. As a BzzAgent they provided me coupons to try out the candy for free, I actually wanted to try all the types of candy from this company before I gave my review on it so I purchased the others with my own money. When I finally got around to trying out all 5 different types of Unreal candy, I had great expectations for the candy because my family has been trying to eat healthier and avoid artificial ingredients. Now the flavors aren't going to be exactly the same as the big name brands but at least I could read the ingredient label without having to look up ingredients I didn't know.

First up is Unreal 54, they are the healthier equivalent to peanut M&M's and in my opinion they taste better than peanut M&M's. The colors are amazing jewel tones that come from natural sources. I definitely got a pure chocolate and peanut flavor, and the flavor even pleased my picky husband.

Next up is Unreal 41, they are the equivalent to regular M&M's. I am not a fan of regular M&M's so I wasn't sure if I would like Unreal's version. It turns out that Unreal 41 were not my cup of tea either. The flavor is pure chocolate but it isn't the same flavor as "normal" milk chocolate that most people are used to. My husband tried them and said that they had an after taste that he didn't care for.

Now Unreal 5 was a complete miss for me. It is the equivalent to a Milky Way and there is hardly a comparison between the two. The caramel wasn't as smooth as regular caramel, even compared to my own homemade the taste and texture was off to me. The nougat wasn't as flavorful as a Milky Way.

Unreal 8 was another miss for me. It's equivalent is Snickers and once again it didn't measure up. The only difference between Unreal 5 and Unreal 8 is the addition of the peanuts. I expected more peanuts but I didn't really get much, and I still had all the same issue with Unreal 8 as I did for Unreal 5.

Last but not least is Unreal 77! By far this is my favorite that I tried, since Reese's have fallen out of favor with me I am glad I enjoyed this one. First off I liked that the peanut butter cups do not have the paper cup on the outside. When I bit into the candy the peanut butter filling is smoother than Reese's. The filling didn't taste like it had all the fillers that Reese's has, as well as it wasn't as sweet. One surprising thing that I noticed was that the Unreal logo is on the bottom of each peanut butter cup. Now the flavor was just pure chocolate and smooth peanut butter and I was sold on this one.

Overall the I love the concept of Unreal and I would love to see them make more varieties. But remember you won't know if you like it until you try it! They are currently being sold in Walgreen's and CVS stores across the country, I have even found them in my local Micheal's.

*I was not paid for my review, I was compensated with coupons to try the product free or at a discounted price.

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