Tuesday, March 26, 2013

January Beauty Army #1

January Beauty Army #1

This box took a really long time to get to me and it has quite a few duplicate samples but since January was the one year anniversary for the company they offered a 7th sample. Now I have no clue why this one took so long but I am just glad it finally got here. 

MARK. Hook Up Lip Gloss (Blow Kisses)
Sample Size: 0.12 oz
Full Size: 0.12 oz
Full Size Value: $6.50
Sample Value: $6.50

 BATH & BODY WORKS Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel Sample Size: 3 oz
Full Size: 3 oz.
Full Size Value: $5.00
Sample Value: $5.00

 GG GATSBY Raise Volume Conditioner 
Sample Size: 0.5oz
Full Size: 8.4oz 
Full Size Value: $14.99 
Sample Value: $0.89
MARK. Scanda-Lash Mascara (Black) 
Sample Size: 0.12 oz 
Full Size: 0.12 oz 
Full Size Value: $6.50 
Sample Value: $6.50
Mascara Shields
Sample Size: 2 cards 
Full Size: 20 cards 
Full Size Value: $13.98 
Sample Value: $1.39

Loose Pigment Eyeshadow
(Special Forces)
Sample Size: 0.03 oz.
Full Size: 0.1 oz.
Full Size Value: $14.00
Sample Value: $4.20

Super Rich Body Butter
Sample Size: 0.1 oz 
Full Size: 4.9 oz 
Full Size Value: $12.99 
Sample Value: $0.26

I got this box so that I could pick up the mascara in black since I already had it in brown. I also needed to pick up the Whip Hand pigment in Special Forces (swatches of the whole collection to come soon.) The lip gloss will probably be given as a gift since I already have one in this color. I am stockpiling my B&BW shower gels so I don't have to go out and buy new ones. I needed the matching Gatsby shampoo so I grabbed that as well. The lash cards come in handy and I now have 8 lash cards between all of my subs. The little packet of body butter is so small that I wanted to get another one just to see if I like the product. Now all of this is valued at $24.74, not bad for a $12 sub. 

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