Monday, April 15, 2013

BzzAgent Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Review

As a BzzAgent I was asked to try out and review the entire line of Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge hair products. 


I received the shampoo, conditioner and the 1-minute treatment to try and I have to admit that at first I wasn't wowed at the idea of using the line since I finally found what I think is my holy grail shampoo. So the first time I used all the products I wanted to see how well it would do with a ton of products in my hair, a combination of hairspray and dry shampoo, plus it was really tangled. Well after using all three products for just one time I noticed a huge difference, hair went from being product filled, tangled and frizzy to smooth and silky. I was able to run a comb through my hair and not worry about having to fight through the knots that I normally do.

One other thing I wanted to point out about these products is that they smell so good it is definitely a plus factor for me. Now the shampoo has these little mirco-beads that are supposed to burst on impact and provided extra moisture but I am not to sure how well they really work because sometimes I can feel them while I am working the shampoo in but I assume they burst because when I rinse my hair I don't notice any being left behind. This was a big deal for me since I have tried another brand of shampoo that had micro-beads but they didn't burst and I would find them in my hair even after it was dry. 

The conditioner and the 1-minute treatment is what I think  really gave my hair the hydration it has needed to help it recover from the dry winter air. As well as contributing to getting rid of my tangles. Now I have noticed that my hair does seem nice a silky feeling for a couple of days but any longer and I need to use a leave-in conditioner if I want to stretch it out for a third day.

The price and availability on these products is good since they can be purchased in many drug stores. 

My overall opinion is that these products seem to be working for me right now but I don't think I will be buying anymore for a while since I still have quite a few full size bottles of other brands to work through first. Once those are gone I will more than likely be picking these up at the store. 

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