Monday, March 11, 2013

BzzAgent Schick Hydro Campaign

As a BzzAgent I was given the opportunity to tryout the Schick Hydro Silk Razor for free. The first thing I noticed was that the handle wasn't bulky like other razors that I have tried and the handle is very comfortable to use. The next thing that I noticed is that the razor has an oval shaped cartridge which is good for getting behind my knees. The number one thing that stood out to
me was the moisturizing strip, it is on both sides of the blades so it will moisturize the skin before the blades contact the skin as well as after.

Now after using this razor for over a month I love how my legs feel after shaving, the moisturizing serum really helps in keeping my legs from drying out. I haven't need to use shaving cream while using this razor and I haven't experienced any issues with the razor pulling or tugging at my skin. Normally when I use a new razor/cartridge for the first time I always end up with a a few cuts here and there as well as some razor burn but I didn't get either from this razor. The claims that the Moisturizing Serum hydrates skin for up to 2 hours seems to hold true, usually I get really dry skin after shaving and I need to use lotion but since using this the Hydro Silk I haven't needed to.

My final decision on the razor is that it is amazing and it has provided the best shave I have every gotten before.

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