Monday, March 25, 2013

February Ispy Bag

I finally caved and signed up for Ipsy! I just couldn't resist, I was debating for months before we moved then I forgot about it until I saw the January bags. After checking that they would ship to APO addresses I got put on the waitlist. I waited a couple of weeks and right before the February bag was about to be released I got in. I am super excited about this bag because everything included I will use. One nice thing about Ipsy is that they only have a few bag variations, this month there are two, unlike Birchbox where I never know what I am going to receive because they have roughly 30 every month.

So what all did I get in my first bag?

Pixi Flawless Primer
Sample Size: 15ml
Full Size: 30ml
Full Size Value: $29.00
Sample Value: $14.50
Pop Beauty Mascara
Sample Size: 0.17oz
Full Size: 0.25oz
Full Size Value: $18.50
Sample Value: $12.58

Mica Beauty Gel Eyeliner
Sample Size: Approximately 1 to 2 grams
Full Size: 5grams + brush
Full Size Value: $35.00
Sample Value: Guessing around $14.00

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow
Sample Size: 4- 0.60" pan, 0.5 grams each
Full Size: 1" pan, 1.3g
Full Size Value: $1.99 each ($1.53 a gram)
Sample Value: $3.06 ($0.76 each)


Lash Card
Sample Size: 4 lash cards
Full Size: 10 lash cards
Full Size Value: $6.99
Sample Value: $2.79

Red Carpet Ready Glam Bag
Valued Roughly at $5.00

Normally I do the value of all the products but I am at a loss on how to price some of the items. I have read that the gel liner is full sized minus the brush, but after looking at it there is no way that there is 5 grams in that container, compared to my other gel liners which are 3 and 2.3grams I would say that this sample is only 1 or 2 grams. I figured I still needed to add values because I haven't done a single post without values. So the whole bag values at roughly $51.93 which is a really good value for all of these items.

The eyeshadows are by a company that has a lot of large palettes (88 colors or more) and I have been interested in the company for a while but I can never justify ordering without knowing if the products are really good. These shadows are really tiny but they are so cute, I am glad I got the warmer colors because they will look great on me.

The Mica gel eyeliner make me so happy the full size with a brush retails for $30 and I have found that I am not really loving my Eyeko liners as much as I had in the beginning. I like using my eyeshadow or my loose powder liners more than my liquid ones because I get a better line, so this may just be my go to liner if it works well for me.

The Lash Card will definetly get some use because no matter how hard I try I always get one mark on my eyelid from my mascara, I also plan to use it for my bottom lashes as well.

The Mascara will just go in my over flowing collection of mascaras I probably won't get around to using it for a really long time.

The Pixi primer is something that I will end up using but just like my mascara collection my primer collection is slowly growing and I have so many I need to get through before this one will get used.

For a $10 sub I got great products, this months bag seemed to be focused on eyes which is good because I always do my eye makeup if I don't have time to do a full face.

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