Monday, March 4, 2013

Gel Eyeliner Review- Revlon vs. Estée Lauder

Recently I have been trying to find the perfect eyeliner that I can use easy everyday. I have tried liquid (Eyeko), loose mineral (Everyday Minerals) as well as using eyeshadow as liners. The one type I hadn't tried was a gel liner so I went looking for some. Since I haven't found any good makeup stores off post yet I was stuck with a limited selection of drugstore brands and a few high end brands.

Out of all the drugstore brands the only one that had a gel liner was Revlon. Yes, I know there are other brands out there that have gel liners but this was the only one available to me. Since I already have black and brown liners I wanted to try a purple one.

At first I thought that this one was great I tried it for about a week to see if there was really a learning curve but there wasn't.

Attached brush
Staying power

Takes several swipes for good color payoff
Dries too quickly
Opening to small

Since I wasn't loving the Revlon liner I went searching for a higher end liner, originally I was looking for Lancôme since they have a large selection of colors but I couldn't find a single one and there was no Lancôme sales ladies working that day. I did however find that the Clinique/Estée Lauder sales lady was working she helped me look but when we didn't find any Lancôme liners she recommended an Estée Lauder one. She even offered to let me try it out before making a decision, she never once pressured me into buying anything which ultimately helped me pick this one.

I have never tried a single Estée Lauder cosmetic before but the brand always reminded me of my late Grandmother, I may have thought of this brand as an old lady brand but my opinion has now changed.

Estée Lauder has only 3 colors: Black, Brown, and Blue. I went ahead and bought the blue one because they were out of the other two.

Applies smoothly
Can be smudged before it sets
Staying Power

Brush is not attached
 Each swatch is 1, 2, and 3 passes with the included brush. 

The Revlon liner needs two to three swipes for really good color. I also had an issue with the application, I couldn't get a good clean line and it dries really quick so by the third swipe it starts to tug. I still really love the color a beautiful purple with silver shimmer.

Price: $9.99
Size: 2.3g
$4.34 per gram
The Estée Lauder liner is nice and creamy. I got a really nice line with this one. By the third swipe there was almost too much product. I was still able to smudge it after I applied it so it didn't dry too quickly. The color is a good dark blue with a tiny amount of shimmer.

Price: $23.00 (price paid $19.50)
Size: 3g
$7.66 per gram
The two brushes side by side

I plan on continuing to use the Revlon liner until I use it up then I will be on the hunt for another purple liner. For now my go to gel liner is the Estée Lauder one and when they get the other colors back in stock I plan on picking up the brown one.

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