Thursday, March 7, 2013

Julep March Add-ons

This month I received my add-ons before my monthly box so I don't have much to show except a nail polish and some Swatch Me stickers. I am still waiting on my box so stay tuned!

This my add-on polish:
"Cheers to the Irish culture with this festive kelly green and gold coin multi-dimensional, full coverage glitter. May the luck of the Irish thrive with you at your fingertips!"

I plan on wearing this this weekend!

 Here is the set of swatch me stickers. I only bought these because I wanted all of my polishes to match and since the newest ones come with the stickers attached I figured I need to get them. Most people don't think that this are worth the $4.99 that Julep charges for them but I was willing to pay that so that my polishes will look the same.

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