Monday, July 23, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Color Strips Review

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips in Animal Instinct (pink) and Rock N' Roar

So I got a total of four boxes of these nail strips in my two CEW Beauty Insiders' Choice Box and I had to try them out immediately. All I have to say is I have fallen in love with this product. I haven't mastered nail art yet so these are perfect for me. Initially as I went to place the first one on I ripped it and had to throw it out. But I would not be conquered! I tried again after cutting them in half (my nails are fairly short) and using a pair of tweezers to help me place it and it worked great. I followed the directions (minus cutting the strips in half) and I managed to use only about 6 strips out of the included 16. I found them fairly easy to apply and I love how quick it was to an amazing manicure in just 30 minutes.

Now the only down side is the box says it lasts 10 days and after 3
days of wear and tear my right hand is starting to show chipping and wear on the edge, on my left it is just wearing on the edge. I think the main reason for this is that it says you don't need a top coat and in my personal opinion is it does. Then next time I use them I will see if the top coat helps it last longer, but any polish that stays on my nails for more than 3 days makes it a keeper. So while I was at the grocery store I managed to find a box of nail strips on clearance and since it was a different pattern and the only one so I grabbed it.

Final opinion: I can get two manicures out of each box so I should be set for a while but if I find them on clearance I won't even hesitate to buy them.

Wearing on the edge

Click on the photos to see the wear and tear

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