Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Skin Care Challenge Day 28

So it has almost been a month since I started this little endeavor of mine and things are not looking too good. So I had to stop using my toner because my face seemed to be getting even more sensitive and it felt like it was burning more than it should. Also my husband came home last weekend and he started getting a rash of some sort on his face and we don't know how or where he got it. Now I have a rash on my face but I don't know if I got it from him or if I am having a reaction to my new bareMinerals products. After doing some research I think it is caused from the bismuth oxychloride in my foundation, I plan on returning it to Sephora and getting the matte foundation because it doesn't have bismuth oxycholride. But after wearing my bareMinerals (even with the rash/allergic reaction) my skin feels quite a bit softer. But now I am dealing with dry scaly patches on my face and they seem to feel a lot better once I use my Mary Kay Velocity moisturizer. I am hoping that bareMinerals works out but if not I ordered some samples from Alima Pure, which is bismuth free and they come in 7 gram jars instead of bareMinerals which is only 6 grams, also it is $2 cheaper. I also ordered some samples from Everyday Minerals and full sizes are even cheaper than Alima, at $12.99 it is the most realistic for me to stock up on.  I'll go into the differences once my samples arrive. Hopefully my skin will be back to normal so that I can take some nice photos in the Japanese tea garden with the husband after his reenlistment ceremony.

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