Sunday, May 13, 2012

Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Review

Revolution Organics Freedom Glow in Bronzed

 I received this product in my April Birchbox and I was so happy that it was full sized. It comes in 3 colors Bronzed being the darkest so I was not happy with the color, at first. Then I tested it out on my inner arm, the color blends smoothly and after I took the picture I blended it even more. The color blended into my skin very well despite it being on the lightest area of my arm.
I did have one other concern about it, because it has a wide range of oils in it I was afraid that the shininess would make it look oily. After a few minutes my skin didn't look shiny and it softened my skin considerably. It even has a very light shimmer to it that I find very pleasing. Overall I am in love with the way it feels and how well it blends. A few more things that does make me happy with it are that it is 100% natural with 85% organic ingredients, free of: synthetics, chemicals, parabens, mineral oil, artificial ingredients, petrochemicals, and animal testing. 

Final opinion: Will buy when I run out of this one, maybe I'll try the other shades too.

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