Sunday, February 24, 2013

Julep's Cupid Mystery Boxes

I jumped at the chance to order a couple of the mystery boxes since they guaranteed that you either get a mystery holo or a coupon for a free polish. They also guaranteed at least 4 Valentines Day themed colors. I have so many polishes now I knew I would have some dupes with my current collection. So here is what I received:

Box #1

Box #2

In box one I got four polishes in Rose, Niecy, Molly and Lynn, one of Julep's lip glosses in Camellia and a voucher for a free polish of my choice.


Box number two had Carrie, Maria, Lynn, Molly and Evangeline, another lip gloss in Camellia.

 Between the two boxes I only received 3 new colors for my collection (Molly, Niecy and Evangeline) but the others will go into my dupe collection and they will be given away as presents later on. I am glad I got a lip gloss in Camellia so now I have 3 of the 4 lip gloss colors they released last summer, now I just have to get the last one. The extra gloss will also find another home in the future. Now the biggest question is what color to order with my free voucher?! Or I could just mention the value of both boxes, both boxes are valued at $88 each, each polish is worth $14 and each lip gloss is worth $18 making the grand total value of the both boxes $176. I paid $20 each for the boxes so I think it was worth it, even though I now have 3 Lynns, 2 Mollys, 2 Marias, 2 Roses (I did have 3 but one found a home already) I tend to think of it as stocking up on Birthday and Christmas presents so I don't have to spend a ton of money at once on everything.

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