Saturday, August 11, 2012

L'Occitane Haul

So I finally got around to finding a local L'Occitane store here in Texas and went crazy, well as much as I could let myself. Just before I went and I sold a bunch of books and that left me with some spending money (this made my husband very, very happy.) So what all did I get?

Lavender Body Lotion Organic Certififed 2.5 fl.oz ($9)
Lavender Foaming Bath 3.4 fl.oz ($10)
Lavender Hand Cream 1 oz ($10)
Mini Purple Flower Market Basket ($4)
Paid: $25

Verbena Shower Gel 2.5 fl.oz ($8)
Verbena Body Lotion 2.5 fl.oz ($9)
Verbena Hand Cream 1 oz ($10)
Mini Flower Market Green Basket ($4) 
Paid: $25
Shea Butter Hand Cream 1 oz. ($10)
Paid: $0

Lavender Hand Cream 2.6 oz ($22)

Paid: $22

Total Value: $96
Total Paid: $72

Yes I did spend a ton of money on essentially hand creams and body lotion but it is amazing hand and body lotion! On the plus side I never spent any of my husbands money so he didn't care one bit. Now I originally went in to pick up more of the lavender hand cream as well as redeem my voucher for a free Shea butter hand cream but I honestly couldn't stop myself. Now if you want to get your own voucher for a free hand cream go HERE it is definitely worth it.     

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