Friday, August 10, 2012

Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Peel Off Mask

Cucumber Peel Off Mask
 This is a product that I got interested in after reading a fellow blogger's review. So when I was in my local Wal-Mart I found the travel size packet which looked like it could be use once or twice and I bought it. I went home and tried it that same day and I was thoroughly surprised at the consistency of the mask. The mask is very thick and sticky almost like honey and has a nice cucumber scent. The mask was a little tricky to apply at first because I started out with it going on too thick but once I figured out it, it got easier. As the mask starts to dry it gets really shiny like your skin is made of plastic. Once it dries completely (dry to the touch and no longer sticky) it is time to peel it off. I will say that this is the most entertaining face mask I have, even my husband gets a kick out of it. I start peeling it off (it is the most fun part) and I go fairly slowly because it does grab on to any hair it can find (no matter how hard I try to avoid my hair line and eyebrows.) After the entire mask is removed a quick rinse and my face feels so refreshed, clean, and soft.

Final opinion: I will keep buying this I already found a BOGO sale and picked up two full size tubes. This will definitely stay in my skin care routine unless I find a better mask out there.

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